Location, Infrastructure and Facility

Jamaica’s population is the third largest English speaking workforce in the western hemisphere. Located nearshore, being only an hour and half flight from Miami allows clients to visit NICE Global with ease. NICE Global is strategically located within the Cazoumar free zone in Montego Bay. The facility contains 24/7 external and internal security, redundant fiber internet and an on-site auto-switch generator.

Why Jamaica?

Cazoumar free zone in Montego Bay, Jamaica is the home of NICE Global. Over 22,000 full-time, English-speaking BPO agents are working within Jamaica. Jamaica features a low attrition rate and a high labor force available to work. Island access is easy, as Montego Bay is a quick flight from most domestic airports. Jamaica’s world-class and robust telecom infrastructure ranks among the most developed in the world when compared to the US and UK. The presence of three broadband carriers ensures triple redundancy and 99.99% up-time on broadband services. Jamaica has seamless connectivity to North America, Latin America and the Caribbean via three parallel fiber routes to the Americas Region Caribbean Ring System (ARCOS-1) submarine cable in the Dominican Republic. There is also a complete fiber ring around Jamaica.

NICE Global Facility and Technical Infrastructure

Security & Safety

  • 24/7 internal/external security

  • Trained security staff

  • Controlled badge access system

  • Mag lock access control

  • Full HD audio & video security camera system

  • Emergency evacuation plan

  • 19 fire extinguishers

Facility Specs

  • 17,000 square feet

  • Fully redundant power solution

  • Fully redundant fiber internet

  • On-site auto switch generator

  • Double firewall network protection

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