PCI Compliant Organization

NICE Global takes data security seriously. A key component of our data security strategy is being a PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. Every year, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) comes on-site and conducts a thorough audit of our network systems, physical security, information security policies, and our security awareness training programs for all NICE staff.

  • PCI DSS Service Provider
  • Physical Access Control Facility
  • Continuous Security Awareness Staff Training
  • Annual On-Site Audits

Comprehensive Compliance

Compliance is not considered a specific department at NICE Global. NICE Global views compliance as an all-encompassing objective layered across all departments and the entire organization. To safeguard quality, NICE Global utilizes cutting-edge speech analytics technology which is paired with a highly skilled internal quality assurance team. This combination creates a highly effective compliance force resulting in a strong safeguards for clients. NICE Global is fully PCI compliant and has active compliance officers on site at all times.

Workforce and Technology Powered Compliance

NICE Global utilizes sophisticated speech analytics software that audits and scores phone calls using proprietary algorithms based on specific metrics entered into the software. This allows our quality assurance team to review specific reports on agents’ tones, empathy, silence and many other quality factors. No stone is left unturned, as hundreds of calls can be reviewed per day for compliance utilizing this technology. NICE Global also features a compliance officer at all times on the floor. This officer roams the entire facility as another set of eyes to help management.

  • Speech analytics technology

  • Skilled internal quality assurance team

  • Compliance officer on site

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