Performance Driven Operations

Analytics powers NICE Global operations department-wide within the organization. Each client and department has a criteria of core metric indicators that are monitored on a real-time basis every day. Employees are rewarded based off these specific key performance indicators thanks to our Global Goodies program.

Client Focused Analytics

Each client of NICE Global has specific goals and achievements within their account. Data analytics is used, along with client-specific performance goals to track account success and potential opportunities. In many cases, precise curriculums are developed with the client in order to spotlight any feedback or new initiatives the client may have within their vertical.

  • Real-time data driven results

  • Client specific analytics tracking

  • Flexible adaptation based on demand

Seasoned Industry Veterans Within Management

NICE Global features a highly experienced middle and upper level management staff with decades of collective experience in the BPO industry. Our most senior level managers have a focus on developing a strong management staff throughout the organization. Being armed with extensive proficiency in the industry has helped NICE Global’s ability to grow and take on clients from various business verticals without sacrificing quality.

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