Recruiting is a Science

NICE Global has made significant investment in our recruiting department and hiring strategies. Those tactics have proven to be fruitful and have helped us develop a tremendous ecosystem filled with great, skilled individuals. Successful spinoffs such as our employee referral program have driven qualified candidates to our organization.

Intense Prospect Evaluation

With company culture being so important to our clients’ success, it is critical that any potential employee is thoroughly evaluated in order to ensure that that individual meets or exceeds our standards. Employee applications are sorted based on experience and other individual dynamics. The assessment process continues with an initial phone engagement review with the applicant. If successful, then a face-to-face interview will be conducted and a full background check is performed.

  • Heavily vetted application process

  • Prospect background checks

  • Industry experience is targeted

  • Methodical recruitment system

Hiring Strategies Bring Results

Applications to NICE Global can come from many sources such as online, through the employee referral program, or our academic partnerships with local universities. The diversity of how we obtain applicants has allowed us to select from an assortment of qualified candidates. The intensity of the local demand to join NICE Global allows us to be particular with our opportunities; this has helped us develop a substantial waiting list of qualified prospects.

  • 92% workforce advancement

  • Fertile employee referral program

  • Local academic university graduate pipeline

  • Waiting list of qualified applicants

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