Foundational Training

Training at NICE Global is an unremitting focus applied to brand new employees all the way to senior level veteran staff members. Regardless of term with the company, employees take part in highly effective training methodology with the goal of keeping employees at the highest levels possible. Our 4 Point Pledge Program is a fundamental key to our training department.

Training and Education Is Continuous

NICE Global training starts from the moment an employee is brought into the family and continues throughout their employment. The training department incorporates all organization departments at employee inception with the goal of nurturing the development of that new employee. That development does not stop there, as continuous education advances skill levels and proficiencies for employees.

  • 4 Point Pledge Program

  • Proven internal training methodology

  • “Train the Trainer” Program

  • Continuous employee education sessions

Proof that Our System Works

Our continuous employee training and education program results in a well-educated staff that is equipped to handle all types of client calls and obstacles. Visit our site again soon—we’ll be adding some calls below so you can get a feel for how the employees at NICE handle customer service phone calls on a daily basis.

4 Point Pledge

Proven Approach To Training

New employees are exposed to a strict timeline designed to ensure results and quality. Employees cannot advance to subsequent steps without proving a comprehension of their current level. Individuals who do not graduate are either released or re-enter training. This methodology produces predictable skill levels that can be built upon with continuous education programs.

Training Methodology

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