Customer Service

NICE Global offers top-quality customer service support to your business, because we know that the best customer interactions bring about the best business results. Our highly personable and trained staff are available for customer support via online chat, email, and phone. We also provide billing explanations to your clients, saving you time to take care of wider scope problems. Our guarantee is your satisfaction and customer retention!


Contract NICE Global to handle all of your sales and service calls. We can sell and promote your new products and services, and will even provide cross-selling and up-selling services to maximize your sales revenue!

Outsourced Email

Handling an entire email server and support system is a lot of work, but NICE Global is willing and able to help! When you outsource your email services with us, you can expect quality in every sphere. Let us optimize customer retention by providing email support and troubleshooting services to your clients.

Technical Support

Customers will always and inevitably have questions and need assistance with all kinds of things. That’s why our technicians are prepared to handle questions about any myriad of things that might go wrong from a customer standpoint. NICE Global handles software assistance, hardware installation, and computer diagnostics for our clients’ customers. Using remote desktop assistance, we are able to assess and resolve customer complaints quickly.

Answering Service

Does your business receive too many phone calls than are possible to keep up with? Improve your company’s efficiency by contracting NICE Global to provide your answering services. Your calls will be handled by a live operator every time, not an automated machine. We also provide message capturing services so your clients’ calls and inquiries are understood and passed along to you in a personal manner. No more pushing messages to voicemail. Our technicians even possess the capabilities to manage appointment scheduling for you.

Back Office Operations

As an owner or top executive of your company, it is important for you to focus on vision and big picture operations. Let us handle the busywork of back office operations so you can worry less about the details. We are able to provide document scanning, data entry, and whatever else you may need.

Live Chat

An increasing amount of clients and consumers are utilizing online live chat services to ask questions about business products and services. We are able to operate and respond to your customers’ needs and inquiries on your website’s Live Chat feature 24/7.

After-Hours Help

Up your company productivity by giving your employees a good night’s rest. Hire NICE Global to take care of your after-hours communications. After your long day of hard work, our technicians are fueled and ready to answer any questions your business might get overnight.

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